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- "The Fly Side Of Life" Section -

"A place where I can show off various aircraft photographs and related images that I've had the pleasure to shoot over the years. After all, how can a guy who loves aviation not have a special section dedicated to the flying machines that fuel his passion?"

Gyro Copter in Flight

Gyro Copter in Flight

Blue Angels at Fargo Airshow

Blue Angels at Fargo Airshow

Cessna 170 at sunset

Corporate Aircraft

Radial Engine Cylinders

'Duggy' DC3

Blackhawk on Display

Beautiful Old Radials

Canadian Trainer

Canadian Trainer, Rapid City, SD

C23 Sherpa - Billings, MT

C23 Sherpa Engine Nacelle

Corporate Jet - Glacier Park

Avanti Piaggio

Citation w/Intake Covers

Rockwell Commander

Caravan on Floats

Cirrus's on Flight Line

Gyro Plane Experience