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- Fine Art Section -

"If you're interested in any of the pieces or if you'd like me to create a custom piece, click the 'Contact Me' link in the lefthand navigation bar. I also have murals and commission work that I can show you upon requst. Finally, gicle'e reproductions are available on most of the pieces -- drop me a note for more details. In the meantime, enjoy the gallery."

Roundabout Way

Seasonal Change

Fall Cabin

Morning Glow

Sacred Montage



Elements Become One

Morning Thaw

Near The Crossing

Visionary Walkway

Seasonal Memories

Vision For Two Thousand Sixteen

High Country Pathway

A Moment In Time To Share A Whisper

Spring Runoff

Cripple Creek Gold

Majestic View

Flowing Symphony

Proud Of The Red, White And Blue

Early Morning Solitude

The Place Annie Remembers

Seasonal Change Along The Coast

Dancing Light On The Meadow

Winter Cover

A Hike In The Back Country

A Winter Evening

Colors Of Freedom

Hidden Falls

Revolution Of Chevrons

Rhythm Of The Wind

Solitude Soars
Above The Badlands

Teton Country

Musical Celebration

Sun, Sails And Waves

Elements Of Rhythm

Whisp of The Wind

Visions Of Autumn

Sound Of Thunder

Rebel Waters

Near The Crossing

Morning Memories

Morning Light On
An Old memory

Morning Light
Along The Shoreline

Memories In The Snow

Untitled 14

Untitled 7

Heavy Cover

Good Day For Sailing

Cabin Along The Shoreline

Autumn In The Hills

Colors Flying

Effie's Barn

Weekend Retreat

Winter Arrival Near Nemo

High Country Symphony

Along The Banks
Of The Yellowstone

Badlands Symphony

Colors Along The Trail

Giants Of Color

Drifted Memories

Summer Palette Missouri

A Story To Be Told

Prairie Harmony

Morning Light

Ocean Wave

Within A Field Of Many

Crusted Cover

October's Gift

West Side Of
Burgess Junction

Tongue Creek Flats

Transformation 1

Transformation 2

Sacred Land

Angel Hair Falls

Winter Porcupine Rocks

Prairie Skyline

Morning Majesty

Morning Glory Eagle

Flight of the Spirit

Dancing Palette

Path Along the Missouri

Crystal Cliffs

Morning Rhapsody

A Day Shared
With The Osagian

Determination Took Us
To The Top

A Visitor On
The Fence Line

Like Snowflakes, Memories
Gather And Dance

Stars 'N Stripes Forever

The Rainbow Fence

Visions In Motion

Walking A Trail
Of Memories

Autumn Sings

Blue Winter Branches

Canyon Creek

Celebration of Freedom

Giants of the Rockies

Good Book, Hot Tea


Morning Thoughts

Mountain Plains

Musical Mood

Winter Forest

Icons Of Washington St.

Colors Of The Wild

Crazy Horse

Home Where The
Buffalo Roam

Wake Up WIth
The Tetons

October In The Valley

Visions Of Transport

Winter Pallet

Fall Colors Preview

Full Service

Season's Arrival In
The High Country

Moose Creek

International Heritage

Winter Cover

Power Of The Prairie

Garden Of Memories

Shaded Memories

Birds Of A Feather...

High Plains Oldtimer

Hiking Spruce Creek

Casting Reflections of Time

Evening Highlights
in the Badlands

Evening Forms of Warmth

Winter Blanket Covering
the West Slope

Liberty Memorial Bridge

American Pride

Colors Of The Rainbow

Just Passing Through

Pheasant Country

Esquire of Communication

American Heritage

Blues Avenue


High Country Formations

Heavy Drifts on Beartooth

Thin Ice

Evening Shadows...Rest Ahead

Shadows of Rythmn

East Slope Mountain Trail

Clifford's Fenceline

Winter's Blanket

Palette of Autumn

Hiking to the Top

Touching the Colors of Summer

Images to Remember

Memories Along Hwy 61

Sister's Love

Winter Solitude