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- Cartooning Section -

"If you're interested in any of the pieces or if you'd like me to create a custom piece, click the 'Contact Me' link in the lefthand navigation bar. I also have murals and commission work that I can show you upon requst. Finally, gicle'e reproductions are available on most of the pieces -- drop me a note for more details. In the meantime, enjoy the gallery."

Sanford Children's Rehab Project

Sudden Stop

Airport Closed

Deicing Bath

Prairie Palette

A Dance to Remember

Breakfast Express


Conference Flight

Some Needed Repairs

Western Flair in the Air

Holiday Arrival

Way Too Heavy

Destination Oshkosh '02

Cockpit Conflict

Mix Master

Western Charge

Too Close for Comfort


Plane Sense

A Day to Honor

Winter Gear

Gone Flyin

Tight Fit

Airborne Spirit

Flight Office Paperwork

Fuel Farm

Short Stop on Top

Plane Talk

Airborne Greetings