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"If you're interested in any of the pieces or if you'd like me to create a custom piece, click the 'Contact Me' link in the lefthand navigation bar. I also have murals and commission work that I can show you upon requst. Finally, gicle'e reproductions are available on most of the pieces -- drop me a note for more details. In the meantime, enjoy the gallery."

Low And Slow

Bi Wing

Freedom Wings

Silver Luscombe

B-1 Welcome

AM Departure

Departure From
The High Plains

Homeward Bound

Mission In The Canyon

Mountain Pass Descent

Smooth Air, No Cares

Return To
The Homestead

Avaiation Pallet

Symphony Above
The Prairie

Tiger Bite

Duggy DC3

Lear Over The Badlands

P51 Dakota Kid

Flying Colors


A10 Warthog

Powder River

Night Vision

Where Eagles Soar

Art's Polar Pumpkin

Low And Slow Solitude

Holiday Destination

Heading To The Lake

Express 2000

Patriot Low Pass

Acts Of Classics

Crowd Pleasers

Patriotic Lift

Over Pass in Champ

Stinson Country


Christmas Eve Delivery

Ready For The
Morning Mail Run

Beech 18 Ready To
Fly A Stormy Sky

Crossing The High Plains
In A Curtis Jenny

A Day Without A
Cloud In The Sky

Basic Instrumentation
In The DH-4

Let The Colors Fly

Winter Elements And
An Open Cockpit

Grandpa's Flying Milk Stool

Colors Flying Over The Prairie

One Six Zero Knots @
Seventy-Five Hundred

Home For The Holidays

Montana King

Cat On The Ramp

T-Craft Inverted

Extra at Crazy Horse

Biplane Over Nebraska

Minnesota Floats

Montana Husky

Devils Tower

F-18 Climb Out

The Hornet

Low Level Approach

Above And Beyond

Cubby Over the Badlands


Low and Slow "Chief"

Sweet Dream

Eagle's Nest

Soaring King

Good Ol' Friend